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About Us

Remote Senior Care (RSC) was founded by a Disney veteran and a technology thought leader to take care of their own loved ones. After creating a one of a kind suite of technology to keep their own parents cared for, stimulated and happy, they thought this was something they needed to share with the world, and help other families struggling with the challenges of caring for their aging parents while living their busy lives, and in many cases still taking care of their kids. Helping with the classic sandwich generation challenges through innovative technology, and Disney level customer service is at the heart of everything RSC stands for.
RSC preserves your loved one’s independence while keeping them safe, stimulated and happy. Using the latest sophisticated yet easy to use technology, the one you’re caring for doesn’t need to have any technical abilities. We help you take control of everything with the assistance of the RSC Team. Your loved one has simple voice commands for reaching you to share a daily update or reaching help whenever needed, 24/7

Our founders and the whole RSC team is excited to help more families bring smiles to our elders.