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At Remote Senior care we partner with Amazon and Alexa Together as a key part of our service offering. 

We also offer consulting services and set and installation services where we can help folks learn about all of their options, and then hold their hand for a step by step process of getting Alexa Together purchased, installed and set up to start keeping their loved one safe, stimulated and connected.  

We know technology can be confusing, and at Remote Senior Care we help make sense of your technology choices, like deciding if Alexa Together is the right solution or is part of a bigger solution to care for your senior who wants to stay independent and in their own home. 

Assisted living can be expensive and isn’t always the right fit for all seniors looking for home care options. 

At Remote Senior Care we understand that this is a difficult time for your family, and we take on 100% of the technology and account management set up, so you can focus on keeping your loved one safe and smiling. 

Remote senior care will help you purchase the right Alexa hardware for your particular situation, and get is all connected so you can monitor your loved one from the convenience of your own home, work or anywhere you are. 

Our founders Kevin Kelly and Debbie Zmorenski created Remote Senior Care based on how they’ve used technology to care for their own parents. Debbie, as 35 year veteran at Disney brings her customer care experience, helping to give a level of service you’d expect from a Disney veteran. Kevin has more than 30 years of internet and app creation experience and brings his technically expertise and compassion to create an incredibly unique service to give you the freedom you need to give the attention to your loved one that they deserve while managing your business life. 

Please reach out with any questions to or schedule your initial free 15 minute consultation here, and let’s get started with Alexa Together and remote Senior Care.