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General Questions

Does my loved one need to know how to use technology?
No they do not. We don’t expect your loved one to know anything about technology much beyond answering the phone or turning on the TV, but honestly they don’t even need to know how to do that. Typically we encourage people to drop in on their loved one in the kitchen during one of their daily meals at the same time every day. And our care team is here 24-7 and just a text message away, always friendly and ready to help.
Do I or my circle of caretakers need to be tech savvy?
If you can use a smart phone or tablet you’re probably well qualified. You do not have to be a techie, and that’s part of what our care team is here for, always friendly and ready to help. As you probably know, technology doesn’t always cooperate, and it’s not anyone’s fault, things just sometimes get, well, glitchy. Our team is here to help 24-7 just a text message, email or chat away. We even answer the phone when you call 🙂
Do you help us with all the tech used to monitor, entertain and care for my loved one?
We sure do! We’re here to help any time. From installation through daily use, we’re here to make it easy for you so all you have to do is focus on your loved one.
Do you have professionals available to drop in via video and chat with my loved one?
Yes we do. Our Care Team is made up of several different kinds of care professionals. Our Smile Makers are focused on having engaging and fun conversations with your loved one and our Smile Pros are licensed therapists and can keep an eye on their emotional and psychological well being.
Is this the same as Alexa Together?
REMOTE SENIOR CARE is a much more comprehensive care program than Alexa Together. Alexa Together is a basic, but very useful package that we often include within our care packages. Then we augment that system with additional hardware, software, systems and professionals who care for your loves one.

Tech Support

How do I set up my Automatic Pill Dispenser
Your pill dispenser should come setup, but for info about how to set the time or change the dispensing times, see this video here:

Remote Senior Care

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